Shalem Podcasts:  Meditation and Yoga for Well-being

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Join Julie Emden and Rabbi Lavey Derby for 10-minute guided movement/yoga practices infused with Jewish wisdom teachings about specific Middot (Character Traits).

While the podcasts below each offer a brief practice with one or more particular postures / movements, please note that we can infuse any embodied practice or meditation with a specific quality that might deepen our spiritual growth. 

Each trait below can be invoked in any and every movement or posture we take.  Practicing these qualities on the mat helps us integrate them into our being.  This gives us a greater chance of continuing to exude the qualities we’ve cultivated in our embodied practice to the world, beyond and off our mat.  There is no ‘perfect pose’ for any given middah. Rather, we can take the same exact sequence any given day and infuse the practice with a kavanah (direction or intention) we wish to cultivate.


Enthusiasm Zrizut זריזות

Truth Emet אמת

Trust Bitachon בטחון

Generosity Nedivut נדיבות

Webinar Series for Teachers

Embodying the Holidays Webinar Series for Teachers
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Are you seeking support in designing and offering somatic-based classes infused with Jewish wisdom to your community? If so, this series is for you! 

Inspire your teaching with new themes
Learn basic principles for infusing Jewish wisdom
Deepen your experience of the holiday with a guided practice

Each webinar in this 4-part series includes ideas for texts and themes for the holiday, a guided embodied practice, as well as important tips for teaching Embodied Jewish Wisdom - including best practices for selecting themes, designing classes, creating sequences and integrating themes into a class.

Upon purchase, you will receive downloadable versions of each 1.25 hour-long webinar as well as slides with talking points. Add a consult with Julie to enhance your learning.

Webinar Topics:
Embodying Tu' B'Shevat and Selecting a Theme
Embodying Purim and Designing a Class
Embodying Passover and Creating a Sequence
Embodying Shavuot and Integrating Themes into the Class

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