From Teachers of Embodied Jewish Wisdom

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The Yoga and Jewish Wisdom Teacher Training transformed my Jewish identity. I have never felt such a sense of spaciousness and connection with my Judaism. Through Jewish wisdom and embodied yoga practice I feel walls being dismantled from my past that no longer serve me and more joy in my Jewish life. Julie's Webinars and retreats are vitally important to my growth as Jewish Wisdom Yoga Teacher. This type of further learning and training does not exist anywhere else and I am grateful for her mentorship.

- Tracey Green, Peninsula Jewish Community Center, Belmont, California


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The Yoga and Jewish Wisdom Teacher Trainingis top notch. I have been studying and training in the field of mind/body practices for more than 22 years, and this is by far one of the most profoundly valuable programs I have taken. This training has strengthened my own practice of embodied Judaism. I am more confident in taking risks and can teach from an inspired and authentic place within. I can't imagine my Jewish life or yoga teachings without it now.  The feedback from my students has been absolutely phenomenal, and I know for a fact it is as a result of this training.

- Kendra Fried, Neshamah Yoga and Wellness and Temple IsaiahLafayette, California



The Yoga and Jewish Wisdom Teacher Training has helped me develop a clear methodology for thoughtfully combining a serious yoga practice with rich Jewish texts. As the Senior Jewish Educator at Berkeley Hillel, it has enabled me to reach a greater population of students, as well as helped me create innovative experiences, like a yoga seder, to meet their needs. It has connected me to a larger community of practitioners with whom I would very much like to continue thinking and working in the future.

-Leah Kahn, Senior Jewish Educator and Yoga Teacher at Hillel, Berkeley, California

From Participants in Workshops and Retreats

“I learned that Jewish wisdom can enliven my relationship to my body and my ability to see it as a divine vessel. That, in turn, can shift how I think of my relationship to my Judaism and how I bring my whole self to it - mind, body, heart and spirit.”

- Anonymous, Sacramento, CA


“I was amazed at how in touch I felt to my Jewish identity after just one class. It's so important to explore Jewish identity through these new and exciting has helped me reconnect with the Jewish community.”

- Allison Callow, Pacifica, CA


“I have learned a way to embody ancient Jewish teachings into my being.”

- Miriam Schwartz Kanani,  Berkeley, CA


“I now have an intense respect for my body. My family is not very religious, and this class made me realize how much Judaism is a part of who I am, and how lost I feel without it in my life. It taught me that every little part of the world is worth studying and caring for.”

– Lily Padia, Oakland, CA


“I discovered that my body is holy.”

- Anonymous, Berkeley, CA