Embodying Shavuot Webinar for Teachers


Embodying Shavuot Webinar for Teachers

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Experience an embodied practice of 'emptying like the desert' as well as teaching tips for integrating themes into your classes. The last of our four-part teachers' webinar series, including a 1.25 recorded practice and teaching, as well as slides and pictures of postures.

Inspire your teaching with new themes
Learn basic principles for infusing Jewish wisdom
Deepen your experience of the holiday with a guided practice

More about the Full Teachers’ Webinar Series:

Each webinar in this 4-part series includes ideas for texts and themes for the holiday, a guided embodied practice, as well as important tips for teaching Embodied Jewish Wisdom - including best practices for selecting themes, designing classes, creating sequences and integrating themes into a class.

Upon purchase, you will receive downloadable versions of each 1.25 hour-long webinar as well as slides with talking points. Add a consult with Julie to enhance your learning.

Webinar Topics:
Embodying Tu' B'Shevat and Selecting a Theme
Embodying Purim and Designing a Class
Embodying Passover and Creating a Sequence
Embodying Shavuot and Integrating Themes into the Class

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